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involving deductive reasoning from a general principle to a necessary effect

based on hypothesis or theory rather than experiment

derived by logic, without observed facts


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Moviegoing also became an important indicator of progress, "Americanization," and social class; so much so that "even those fighting destitution made the motion picture apriority.
Yesterday BT chairman Si Michael Rake spent the day in Cardiff meeting First Minister Rhodri Morgan and other senior figures, telling them how Wales could reap big benefits if his company decided to make it apriority in the roll-out of the optic broadband network.
Damian's Law should be apriority for the Scottish parliament's next session.
SPACE-AGE: Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King being built in 1965 with Liverpool Cathedral in the background; NEW VIEW: The 1964 skyline of Liverpool from the Mersey waterfront, courtesy of the emerging cathedral (see pictures below); BIG EVENT: The grand opening of the cathedral in 1967; RAISE THE ROOF: The architect Frederick Gibberd said function was apriority when it came to construction (right); Cardinal John Heenan (far right)
According to the poem, in fact, the she-falcon must have reacted to loss prior to the speaker, since she immediately associates her heart with the bewildered she-falcon at the instant of loss, which sets up a topography of apriority.
This apriority is predicated on the assumption that chemical degradation (represented by the CH loss) can be entirely attributed to a homogeneous and uniform ablation process, i.
Enhancing your home or garden appeals to you now and for some, seeking anew property becomes apriority.
After the misery of the closing stages of his Feyenoord career, Larsson was determined to succeed at Celtic with his home life apriority.
The clearest statement of the apriority of music, its originary truth occurs in Nietzsche's discussion of the lyric poet where he claims that "music itself in its absolute sovereignty does not need the image and the concept, but merely endures them as accompaniments.
are attributes of propositions, whereas apriority and aposteriority are attributes of proposition-characters (that is, of characters that, given a context of use, yield a proposition) or of sentences, not propositions.
Troeltsch's formula for such historically grounded standards entails "spontaneity, apriority, self-assuredness; without timelessness, general validity and absoluteness" (DH,166).
Similarly, in framing his account of his basic epistemic categories -- apriority and analyticity -- Frege has in mind some conception of justification for judgment (holding-true), not simply justification or grounding for an abstract proposition or thought content:
According to his reasoning, the apriority of our logical abilities is inconsistent with certain externalist assumptions.
Apriority claims play a vital role in Kant's ethics.