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Antonyms for a priori

involving deductive reasoning from a general principle to a necessary effect

based on hypothesis or theory rather than experiment

derived by logic, without observed facts


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The Straight Story: Confusion of Necessity with Aprioricity
Now, as it has just been sketched, this approach cannot rescue constructivism from the aprioricity charge for the simple reason that the Leibniz algebra is based on substantivalist models classically described.
Collingwood defines the necessity or aprioricity of historical imagination by means of comparison to two other functions which he sees as being governed by the very same faculty: the logic of the artist, and the way in which humans fill in gaps in physical perception.
Their use of the "deductive canon" leads to rampant aprioricity, resulting in: (1) circular reasoning (evidence pointing to regressive voicing assimilation in stops in PIE must be dismissed [p.
The type of property identity used in science seems to be associated with necessity, not with aprioricity, or analyticity: For all bodies x and y, x is hotter than y if and only if x has a higher mean molecular kinetic energy than y.