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Although the secondary acquisitions tend to be smaller in scale and sophistication, the acquiring organizations can benefit from the multiple arbitrage, Aprill says.
Aprill, The IRS's Tea Party Tax Row: How 'Exclusively' Became 'Primarily,' PAC.
Everyone from novices to pub team players are welcome at the oche of the Coventry Coachmakers Club for the fundraiser in honour of Aprill Edgar.
Schwarzer AC, Derby R, Aprill CN, Fortin J, Kine G, Bogduk N.
Aprill, The Law of the Word: Dictionary Shopping in the Supreme Court, 30 ARIZ.
One was psychologist William Aprill, who has psychoanalyzed many killers.
Bee'ah held a walkathon to celebrate Earth Day on Aprill 22, hoping to raise awareness on the importance of recycling and protecting hte environment.
7) Gail Burnaford, Arnold Aprill, and Cynthia Weiss also disparage so-called utilitarian approaches to arts education.
Donelson R, Aprill C, Medcalf R and Grant W (1997) A prospective study of centralisation of lumbar and referrred pain: a predictor of symptomatic discs and annular competence.
Bridging the Communication Gap Between On Site & Corporate Presented by Jackie Ramstedt Aprill 10 Create An Effective Visual Social Media Strategy in 12 Easy Steps Presented by Charity Hisle Visit bit.
35 (1995); and Aprill, "Muffled Chevron: Judicial Review of Tax Regulations," 3 Fla.
Senate DISCLOSE Act, supra note 4, at [section] 301 (same); Aprill,
Real world applications and the contextual application of knowledge is key (Beane, 2005; Burnaford, Aprill, & Weiss, 2001; Goldberg, 2006).