April Fools' day

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the first day of April which is celebrated by playing practical jokes

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Here are some fun ways to use it as an April Fool's Day gift:
Well, you know folk can be funny about jokes on April Fool's Day.
On the day that was in it Deasy took first prize in the April Fool's Day fest.
Also last April Fool's Day, according to a report by the Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), a prank e-mail message sent by a DHS employee prompted a deportation officer at the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement to release a man scheduled to be returned to the Dominican Republic.
Only on April Fool's Day could a man claim to be our community's friend after personally ensuring that Vermonters with AIDS who use medical marijuana continue to face arrest and jail.
GENERAL Jay Garner is Paddy Power's 2-1 jolly to be Iraq's head of state next April Fool's Day, writes Ian Coyne.
Not a word of regret," reports the Tablet (April 13, 2002), "from Father John Medcalf, who caught out dozens of parishioners with a bogus `Blessing of the Waves' on April Fool's Day.
With Easter Monday coinciding with April Fool's Day, Cadw: Welsh Historic Monuments, as part of this weekend's Big Event celebrations, has organised a number of special events with pranksters in mind.
Bank Holiday Monday is also April Fool's Day, so male guests will be invited to join in the Morris dancing or entertain the crowd for a pint of ale.
It's fitting, he says, that Hale-Bopp will venture nearest the sun on April Fool's Day.
How to Prank a Shower Head With Chicken Bouillon" Puts How-To Supersite's Video Database Over The Top Just In Time For April Fool's Day
Known for their sense of humour, the team at Marketing Week Engage Awards shortlisted agency, Absolute Digital Media, were keen to get involved in this year's April Fool's Day, and so #GmailHack was born.
On April Fool's Day, people around the world usually play pranks on others.
com)-- April Fool's Day traditionally is a day of pranks, out of the ordinary happenings and a day you would never dream to have your wedding day, until now.
Only in Ireland, where every day is April Fool's Day.