April Fools' day

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the first day of April which is celebrated by playing practical jokes

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By our standards today, these first American April Fools jokes would be lame," said Thomas D.
London, Apr 3 ( ANI ): Lindsay Lohan, who sent Twitter into a frenzy after tweeting about her pregnancy on Tuesday morning, has admitted that it was supposed to be an April Fools joke.
euro]is April Fools joke, masterminded by Health Minister Jeremy Hunt - a man who had the gall to visit Brotton Hospital last month and never mentioned the closure there - will mean more people suering at home, waiting for days and weeks for overstretched GP's to 'x an appointment.
He said: "Dec fainting was an April Fools joke, and was very much in the spirit of the show.
AN APRIL Fools joke by a Kenilworth estate agent has proved so popular he is turning it into a competition.