April Fools' day

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the first day of April which is celebrated by playing practical jokes

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But Poisson D' Avril is actually a French April Fools Day tradition, which involves kids attempting to attach a paper fish to a victim's back without being noticed.
Lazure says April Fools Day is all about humiliation and notes that in the medical field the four humors were identified as black bile, yellow bile, phlegm and blood.
Have you ever fallen victim to an April Fools Day prank?
April Fools Day robbers who thought they had got away with a big sack of cash from a restaurant raid ended up with masses of dough - bread rolls.
Meanwhile, according to the Wall Street Journal, on April Fools Day, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff was touring a Hutchison port in Hong Kong.
Murphy is peddling that on behalf of the Jenel family, which bought the approximately 70,000 square-footer for some $11.6 million three years ago on April Fools Day. This is no joke and you can figure out how to make this all work for you.
AN April Fools Day joke claiming that God Save the Queen was to be replaced by a European Anthem tickled staff at St James's Palace so much they ordered a copy of the tune for the Prince of Wales.