April Fools' day

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the first day of April which is celebrated by playing practical jokes

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According to Geek, the April Fool's stunt was actually a way for Hyperkin to gauge interest for the Smart Boy.
Twenty20 cricket also makes a fool out of pundits every day and these two matches are being talked about as a gift from the game for April Fool's Day.
Most April Fool's Day jokes are far less elaborate, however, and usually just involve telling a friend or family member a fib, to see their surprised reaction.
April Fool's Day is the one day out of the year that it's socially acceptable for adults to play pranks.
Recent April fool's jokes began circulating over the internet about Egyptian singer Amro Diab and Lebanese singer Assi Hilani stating that Amor has resigned from his music career and Assi had joined a professional Lebanese soccer team.
Washington, Apr 3 ( ANI ): Rihanna has revealed that her best ever April Fool's Day prank was when she and her best friend convinced her buddy's sister that she was pregnant.
Police in Nepal are investigating whether a bomb threat that delayed a Dubai-bound flight at Nepal's international airport was an April Fool's hoax.
But those who believed the story should have checked the date; it was, of course, April Fool's Day.
I read this with considerable shock - before remembering it was April Fool's Day, and that the ECHO was probably just trying to have some fun and see how many of their readers would be taken in by such a ridiculous story.
April Fool's Day took a hold on the government-financed Voice of Israel radio network at midnight Monday with a report that the first-ever penguin was sighted at Kibbutz Ma'agan Michael on the Mediterranean Coast.
It is the first time we did an April Fool's wrap," said Assistant Managing Editor Matt Zalaznick.
Actor STEVEN PASQUALE's reported reaction to an April Fool's script that had his Rescue Me character coming out, as quoted by the New York Post's Page Six, April 7.
No se sabe bien el origen de la celebracion del April Fool's, pero se cree que fue porque Noe, el del arca, envio por equivocacion a la paloma a buscar tierra seca, el primero de abril ya cuando la inundacion estaba bajando.
Still, you won't find The Register-Guard succumbing to the temptation Friday - April Fool's Day - to print some humdingers that just might fool you, dear reader.