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a legislative act proposing to authorize the expenditure of public funds for a specified purpose

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For the second time in a week, members of Congress are using an appropriations bill to protect the tobacco industry at the expense of America's kids and health, this time by slashing funding for the CDC's highly effective programs to prevent kids from smoking and help smokers quit.
The word "minibus" derives from the word "omnibus," which in Congress-speak is the bundling of all appropriations bills into one package.
In the Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies appropriations bill, NSF received $7 billion, $173 million or 2.
If the bills pass each chamber before August recess, then during recess, staff is busy ironing out differences between the House and Senate appropriations bills.
While the authorizing legislation provides a funding level for a particular program, it is the annual appropriations bills that determine the amount of funding the program will actually receive.
Despite these difficulties, Congress will forward two appropriations bills to the President immediately.
Vista Controls in Santa Clarita, for example, donated $11,550 to McKeon, and this year won $2 million in the defense appropriations bill to make electronic upgrades to heavy armored vehicles.
The FY06 Defense Appropriations bills (HR) are awaiting conference but may not be completed until December 2005.
To help students understand "pork-barrel" politics, the spending for special home-district projects that members of Congress insert into annual appropriations bills.
As Congress reconvened in late January, two major bills awaited Senate decisions--the omnibus spending bill containing seven of the 13 appropriations bills to finance the federal government in fiscal 2004 (including HAVA implementation and the controversial energy bill).
The 108th Congress began with some major unfinished business from the last Congress, the Fiscal Year (FY) 2003 appropriations bills.
The pro-abortion challenges have emerged in recent weeks during congressional consideration of the 13 appropriations bills that provide funding for all government agencies for fiscal year 2002.
WITH CONGRESS BUSY PASSING APPROpriations bills, "maybe next year" may become the refrain from those interested in passing legislation to protect long term care residents in Medicare managed care plans.
It's like David against Goliath," says a House Democratic aide who scours appropriations bills for such things.