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a legislative act proposing to authorize the expenditure of public funds for a specified purpose

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For the first time since Ive been in Congress, your House of Representatives passed all 12 appropriations bills through regular order.
On the basis of this mechanism, the House and Senate Appropriations Committees received the total allocation for spending under their jurisdictions, and each reported 302(b) suballocations to its subcommittees prior to floor consideration of the FY2015 regular appropriations bills.
The word "minibus" derives from the word "omnibus," which in Congress-speak is the bundling of all appropriations bills into one package.
In October, the Senate Appropriations Committee released the draft text for its Interior and Environment appropriations bill.
Both versions of the appropriations bill are nearly the same, with a few notable exceptions.
While the authorizing legislation provides a funding level for a particular program, it is the annual appropriations bills that determine the amount of funding the program will actually receive.
Despite these difficulties, Congress will forward two appropriations bills to the President immediately.
San Bernardino County is home to the only other company reviewed that, according to campaign records, secured money from federal appropriations bills but did not contribute to any lawmaker.
The FY06 Defense Appropriations bills (HR) are awaiting conference but may not be completed until December 2005.
To help students understand "pork-barrel" politics, the spending for special home-district projects that members of Congress insert into annual appropriations bills.
As Congress reconvened in late January, two major bills awaited Senate decisions--the omnibus spending bill containing seven of the 13 appropriations bills to finance the federal government in fiscal 2004 (including HAVA implementation and the controversial energy bill).
The 108th Congress began with some major unfinished business from the last Congress, the Fiscal Year (FY) 2003 appropriations bills.
The last session of Congress passed only two of the 13 fiscal 2003 appropriations bills.
In the policy science literature and in political discourse, a common misconception about the line-item veto in the states is that it is primarily (if not always) used to eliminate or reduce items of expenditure that appear in appropriations bills as specific dollar amounts.