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Synonyms for appropriation

Synonyms for appropriation

something, as a gift, granted for a definite purpose

the act of taking something for oneself

Synonyms for appropriation

money set aside (as by a legislature) for a specific purpose

incorporation by joining or uniting


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a deliberate act of acquisition of something, often without the permission of the owner

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Now, if in Great Britain, where the House of Commons is elected for seven years; where so great a proportion of the members are elected by so small a proportion of the people; where the electors are so corrupted by the representatives, and the representatives so corrupted by the Crown, the representative body can possess a power to make appropriations to the army for an indefinite term, without desiring, or without daring, to extend the term beyond a single year, ought not suspicion herself to blush, in pretending that the representatives of the United States, elected FREELY by the WHOLE BODY of the people, every SECOND YEAR, cannot be safely intrusted with the discretion over such appropriations, expressly limited to the short period of TWO YEARS?
It has been said that the provision which limits the appropriation of money for the support of an army to the period of two years would be unavailing, because the Executive, when once possessed of a force large enough to awe the people into submission, would find resources in that very force sufficient to enable him to dispense with supplies from the acts of the legislature.
To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer term than two Years;
Photographers snapped him, he was besieged by reporters, women's clubs throughout the land passed resolutions condemning him and his immoral theories; and on the floor of the California Assembly, while discussing the state appropriation to the University, a motion demanding the expulsion of Gluck was made under threat of withholding the appropriation--of course, none of his persecutors had read the book; the twisted newspaper version of only three lines of it was enough for them.
Because,' said Alfred, 'I am disposed to be sentimental myself, on your appropriation of the jewels and the money, Mr Boffin.
But take it away, and all appropriation ceases, and a very pretty gallant charade remains, fit for any collection.
The effect of this cool appropriation of Norah's identity to theatrical purposes on the audience -- who only saw results -- asserted itself in a storm of applause on Magdalen's exit.
It gave one a glimpse of amazing egoism in a sentiment to which one could hardly give a name, a mysterious appropriation of one human being by another as if in defiance of unexpressed things and for an unheard-of satisfaction of an inconceivable pride.
Well, then, the fact of the appropriation of the thirteen millions, if it can be proved - "
Eighth: 1 - Tradeoff among the budget and attached balance sheets' sections, chapters and branches to be made by a decision of the Minister of Finance or a concerned minister and a head of a department with an independent budget appropriation can make tradeoffs among items of operational expenditures and appropriations for programs and projects, but not more than half of the original appropriation to be traded off to another item or program or to be added to either of them, expect the items and programs of salaries, but not more than half of the appropriation, in such a case the tradeoff shall be made by a decision of the Minister of Finance.
35 trillion-budget was released, including continuing appropriations under the 2016 national budget and other automatic appropriations.
may by law, be authorized to augment any item in the general appropriations law for their respective offices from savings in other items of their respective appropriations.
The bonds are secured by the public housing capital fund annual appropriations, as well as debt service reserve fund sureties to cover any timing delays in appropriations.
1) While the power over appropriations is granted to Congress by the U.
Congress completed the fiscal year 2011 appropriations process on April 14th, 2011, finalizing annual funding for nearly all federal education programs through September 30, 2011 at $68.