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She is also chairwoman of the Washington State Student Achievement Council and was part of Inslees 45-member delegation to study the career-connected learning and apprenticeship system in Switzerland.
Last December 15, 2017, the Financial Times carried an article entitled "Apprentices help drive Swiss growth" which heaped high praises for the work-study or apprenticeship system for creating a pool of highly skilled workers and efficiency gains in Switzerland.
What makes the Swiss apprenticeship system work is that there is a shared responsibility between the public and private sectors.
Julie James, Welsh Government Deputy Minister for Skills and Technology said: "The Welsh Government has serious concerns about the levy and the impact it will have on the apprenticeship system.
Building its foundation on several extensive interviews and on-site visits, 21st-Century Apprenticeship encourages an increase in the use of employer-initiated and employer-delivered apprenticeship training in cooperation with community colleges, and it provides a set of recommendations for a 21st-century American apprenticeship system, espousing a vision of an apprenticeship model that centers on involvement, support, and leadership of community and technical colleges.
Not only will this effectively be a stealth cut to Scotland's public services, but it would put at real risk our ability to fund Scotland's distinct apprenticeship system.
He added: "Successive ministers have been shockingly slow to realise an apprenticeship system is vital in dealing with Ireland's acute long-term unemployment problem.
IN 2012, the UK Government carried out a review of the apprenticeship system, with a view to identifying recommendations for developments and improvements, to be implemented in the 2017 reform of the system.
Boensch said that, no matter what the economic situation, Komet kept faith with its apprenticeship system.
Under the terms of the MoU, the two parties will work together to develop joint apprenticeship and training activities, encourage exchange of education and training expertise, co-operate in planning and installation of apprenticeship and training centres, and integrate the German dual apprenticeship system.
Nationally, there are 29 new trailblazer groups to lead the transformation of the apprenticeship system - covering sectors including hairdressing, health, law, media, hospitality and tourism - with more than 340 employers, including John Lewis, British Airways and BMW.
Currently, the registered apprenticeship system includes a network of more than 19,000 programs nationwide--offering nearly 1,000 different career opportunities.
He accentuated the significance of private sector, industry, employers and workers towards the reformation of existing apprenticeship system.
He elaborated that in existing apprenticeship system the training cost is completely borne by the employers on the other hand the emerging sectors i.
Such skills; somewhat existed in academies but, were then transferred through apprenticeship system.