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a lightweight consumer electronic device that looks like a hand-held computer but instead performs specific tasks

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With GoBookings Appointment Diary, customers can enquire with a business in real-time to check for available appointment times, immediately place a booking and also make a payment for the booking if required.
GoBookings has come out of stealth mode to launch Appointment Diary, and has teamed with leading Internet payment services provider Camtech Corporation to provide a secure and reliable payment gateway for its e-commerce transactions.
Service firms with a number of partners are likely to be interested in one of the unique features of Appointment Diary -- the ability to create their own Directory page.
30pm: Print out the appointment diary for the patients and get the treatment room ready for Dr James.
An official reception in the Civic Hall had Irish President Mary McAleese as guest of honour (some local gossip had suggested to me that it was the constraints of her appointment diary which had necessitated the choice of January 8 as Opening Day).
They claim the former deputy Tory Party chairman "procured" his then friend Ted Francis to provide a false alibi, lied on oath and substituted an appointment diary to back up his alleged fibs.
Improvements in clinic management efficiency such as the delegation of certain duties, a flexible appointment diary and a patient reminder system should minimise any reduction in patient throughput.
The appointment diary is the brain of the practice, and attention needs to be paid to this precious resource of time and how it is, or is not filled, by staff.