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an embellishing note usually written in smaller size

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Although the castrato Pier Francesco Tosi (1723) chides composers who provide the appoggiaturas instead of leaving them to the singer, (4) his German translator, the Berlin court composer Johann Friedrich Agricola, adds a revealing comment in 1757: "It would seem almost necessary to invent warning signs showing where not to place them in order to restrain the appoggiatura mania of the most recent Italian singers and instrumentalists.
Specifically, gesture information is used to model expressive articulations, appoggiaturas, glissandi, and vibratos.
The decorative appoggiaturas, named as ornamental and unstable within the human realm represented by the tonal system, represent the heart of the true substance of the divine life, which finds tangible expression in the descent of the Word into the world, symbolized through the pedal line.
Sacred oratorio maintained a degree of improvisational freedom throughout the latter half of the nineteenth century, enabling singers the scope to ornament melodic lines with an elaborate vocabulary of passing tones, turns, trills, appoggiaturas and other filigree.
The second fragment remains in the upper region, and the dissonance continues through a series of sighlike figures or appoggiaturas (see example 4).
For example in the phrasing he says he wants us to do some appoggiaturas like Billy Holiday, which means before the relevant bar.
Handel's vocal writing exploited all of his singers' gifts to the hilt, making his operas a vocal connoisseur's delight filled with interpolated stratospheric notes, roulades, trills, appoggiaturas, turns, and grace notes.
Since the table of contents is hardly revealing of the coverage, it is worth noting that the ornaments considered are: Chapter 6 - trill types: common trill, Triller von unten, Triller von oben, Praller, main-note trills; Chapter 7 - appoggiaturas: short and long, before dotted notes, appoggiaturas before main notes which are followed by rests, prebeat Vorschlage; Chapter 8 - Doppelschlag and mordent: Doppelschlag over a note, the Doppelschlag over the second note of a descending second, the mordent, inter-beat Doppelschlage (two types), the Geschnellte Doppelschlag; and Chapter 9 - arpeggio, slide (Schleifer), Anschlag (compound appoggiatura).
The later movements are less successful, revealing a tendency to rush, and the well-known RV151, entitled Concerto alla rustica, is given a rather shapeless performance, the opening 9/8 movement lacking that rustic one-in-a-bar feel and the biting appoggiaturas in the finale not making their full effect.
In fact, based on what I heard of the inaugural hoopla, I imagine Bill might even enjoy the end-credits music: a rendition of Schubert's "Ave Maria," warbled by Aaron Neville in the smoky tenor tones of a Johnny Mathis, with appoggiaturas and turns borrowed from the repertory of Frankie Valli.
I should warn you that in North Germany we do not make appoggiaturas," to which Mackerras responded, "That's nothing to be proud of .
Introductory musical material may also serve as closing material, in an improvised repetition with variations in articulation, dynamics, and a small number of added appoggiaturas.
She did, however, give short shrift to many of the short appoggiaturas in "Je veux vivre.
Which will be expressed by melodic and harmonic means: the progressive growth of intervals, the chord on the dominant, ostinatos, grace notes, and extended appoggiaturas.
In the introduction Montgeroult mentions a type of ornament that she calls appoggiaturas,