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a decorative design made of one material sewn over another

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sew on as a decoration

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I have been in love with applique since I started quilting.
Gold floral (sashing, applique background, 2nd border) 2 1/2 yds.
Adhere the fusible-web square to the applique fabric wrong side, following the manufacturer's instructions.
In addition to SRW, the Harris appliques also operate the SINCGARS and VHF/UHF line-of-sight waveforms, expanding interoperability with existing DoD radios and providing the Army with greater utility in combat.
34oz Oil Treatment--and a set of the Dashing Diva Professional DesignFX nail appliques.
Step three: If you want to add applique decorations to the stockings, now is the time to sew them on.
Numerous slideshow examples of finished appliques are shown and they are put into groupings based on themes and subject matter.
It is a candidate for FIM appliques and large formed parts for spas, tractors, watercraft, and outdoor vehicles.
The flexibility of the IMD process also has allowed the OEM to achieve multiple product models using one mold by simply changing appliques.
Meanwhile, teen destinations such as Wet Seal are selling jeans with ribbons around the ankle and butterfly and rose appliques on the pockets, as well as designs with peacock feather ties at the waist.
More than 40 digital systems, including potentially more than 1200 appliques (the name for what is formally known as the Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below (FBCB2) system consisting of a laptop computer, FBCB2 software, a global positioning system receiver and a communications interface), may be evaluated during the brigade experiment.
AA World Class Embroidery has come up with a bonding process called LOLOFT, which produces appliques that are virtually indistinguishable from direct embroidery.
Just cut appliques of ripstop nylon and sew to an almost transparent background of fiberglass window screening.
The Incoco Appliques come in flat nail enamel strips that contain an actual basecoat, color coat and topcoat layered and dried to the touch.
Re-size the bird appliques to add some baby birds to your design.