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a decorative design made of one material sewn over another

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sew on as a decoration

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egrips(R) appliques are stylish non-slip, protective accessories for cell phones, smart phones, PDAs, and other mobile devices.
2 -- color) Levi's jeans get ripped up the seams, then pulled together with beads, fringe and floral appliques, $198, at Cachet.
Pin the appliques to front panel; stitch 1/4 inch from the edge of appliques, Repeat for back panel.
For eineinheitlich aesthetic appearance, it is necessary to accept the possibly secondary over-setting of appliques (Floss) and to replenish.
Globalstar is currently finalizing a decision regarding the location of the gateway where the new applique will be installed.
Both custom and automotive Tier One formers are bracing to meet the demanding requirements of the applique market," says Alongi.
Unit 10 - Appliques: Since the appliques were chosen because of their materiality and surface effect, it is necessary to exempt these from Schmutzauflagerung and restore the appearance.
An F-16 fully covered with a new-generation "paintless" film has made a series of successful test flights - - including one at almost twice the speed of sound -- validating the use of appliques instead of paint on advanced aircraft such as the Lockheed Martin Joint Strike Fighter (JSF).
We're talkin' black denim shorts with zip front jacket, accented with plenty of white top stitching and daisy appliques, by Xhilaration, $29.
Applying this trend to garments is important, but so is layering up embellishments - appliques, embroideries, and screens.
ZMD will operate a machine forming decorative appliques for cell-phone housings.
This application and associated flight tests, using a new generation film, are intended to validate the potential benefits of using appliques instead of paint on commercial and military aircraft.
Kaumagraph and John McGavigan are the premier producers of decorative appliques for the automotive industry.
Butterick has exclusively licensed three styles in sizes 4-14 which include Ryan's blue felt jumpsuit 4175 with blue, white, red, gray and yellow appliques, JB's black felt jumpsuit 4176 with white, red, gray and yellow appliques and Kaitlin's red felt jumpsuit 4177 with white, gray, black and yellow appliques.
Girls can also choose from a variety of embellished denim pieces including skirts and jeans with appliques, embroidery, and graphic detailing.