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(computer science) a digital computer that provides workstations on a network with controlled access to shared resources

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Storage area networks or SANs, based on IP, represent the more popular way of interconnecting a large number of application servers with different classes and grades of storage systems.
We are extremely pleased to have The Sabrix System enterprise transaction tax management application join the growing ranks of enterprise applications supported on Oracle9i Application Server," said Thomas Kurian, senior vice president, Oracle9i Application Server Development.
The ASSP market includes application server software and transaction processing server software, which often perform similar functions.
By 2010, changes in operating systems and server-based applications, coupled with standard interfaces for managing storage, will allow the application server to use storage in much the same way our homes use electricity.
This announcement also underscores Novell's commitment to advancing the Java industry by delivering the J2EE-compatible Novell exteNd application server with NetWare 6.
Considered an enterprise application server category leader by industry analysts, JBoss Application Server is the most widely used Java application server on the market.
Rather than manage replication at each application server and storage array, all replication is controlled from a central platform in the network.
Wakesoft with Oracle9i Application Server delivers architectural requirements required by today's enterprises to implement best practices in the most timely manner.
To deliver compelling next-generation self-service applications, a phone application server must support video, graphics and text in addition to voice.
The application server is a critical component of a company's application infrastructure, overall, and to an effective integration and Enterprise Commerce Management (ECM) strategy," said Lance Travis, Vice President, Core Research Group.
The core of an application server is the transaction engine.
The well documented availability and performance of the JBoss Application Server is aptly matched with Ubiquity's carrier-grade SIP A/S, and together offer a rich solution which meets the stringent requirements for large scale enterprise and service provider deployments that include real-time telephony services.
In this design, as seen in Figure 1, there are three primary components: database, application server, and client.
0, the most enterprise-friendly open source software license model, LogicBlaze FUSE for Websphere Application Server CE facilitates trouble-free adoption by end-users and systems integrators alike.
With the Industrial Application Server Runtime License for Single-Node Implementation, the ArchestrA software architecture can now be installed with Wonderware's InTouch visualization software and IndustrialSQL Server historian on a single PC.
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