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In recognition of the needs of life science software developers to access genomic data through either SQL queries or through application programming interfaces (APIs), we are developing two additional software products," said Manuel J.
Advancing its commitment to make all CallTrack features available to its clients through an Application Programming Interface (API) standard, CallSource has added several data integration features in this release.
Service data objects (SDO) allow developers access to data from multiple disparate sources and formats by exposing each data source through a standardized SDO Application Programming Interface (API).
This project is consistent with our strategy to demonstrate leadership in open architecture integration leveraging our iSite PACS Application Programming Interface (API), and enabling best-of-breed interfaces with multiple specialty vendors.
This patent seeks to protect the use of the Name Dialer utilizing a Telephone Application Programming Interface (TAPI).
Next-generation Application Programming Interface (API) Gives Corporate Customers, Independent Software Developers and Solutions Providers Convenient Access to EasyLink's Transaction Management Services
As they do so, the ability to abstract wireless and wireline network interfaces into a standardized set of application programming interface APIs becomes essential, and Parlay/OSA Gateways will play a critical role in the integration of enterprise applications with telephony infrastructure, enabling network operators to develop and deploy new revenue-generating services.
Multiverse has open application programming interfaces and is based on industry standards including C, HTML, JavaScript and DVD, enabling broadband operators and third-parties to easily implement new applications to differentiate their subscriber services.
PHILADELPHIA -- Wolters Kluwer Health (WKHealth), the leading drug and health information provider, today announced the release of the Image and Imprint Application Programming Interface (API), designed to provide healthcare professionals with seamless access to the data provided by Medi-Span's Drug Imprint and Drug Image databases in a time-saving and cost-effective manner.
0 - Factiva's enhanced application programming interface - now allows the rich content and functionality available in Factiva SalesWorks and Factiva Companies & Executives to be easily and quickly integrated into the enterprise applications that salespeople, and business, marketing and information professionals use everyday.
The platform will be developed and delivered as an open application programming interface (API).
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