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The Sourcery Analyzer tool also provides Qt application framework performance analysis visualization that is time-correlated with trace events in the Nucleus RTOS, middleware, and device drivers.
The Sasken Application Framework is reportedly aimed at feature phones and allows manufacturers to create differentiated mobile phones by enabling software reuse and portability across phone designs and platforms.
The Application Framework release from ACCESS is expected to be available for download before the end of end of this year (2006) at: http://www.
For example, the ALEOS Application Framework can eliminate the need to use an external unit to perform logic functions, resulting in fewer components to buy, deploy, integrate, and manage.
About W-CAF: W-CAF (Wipro - Composite Application Factory) is a model that aims to help customers build Composite Applications on top of the SAP NetWeaver Platform, using the Composite Application Framework and leveraging Guided Procedures.
Our Composite Application Framework allows us to deliver complex solutions rapidly and without custom application development.
Anchoring its offerings, the patented 2nd Nature application framework enables reduced administration costs, increased employee productivity, secure access and accountability to voice systems, and easy integration of information with other business applications.
Unimax's products, based on the company's patented 2nd Nature(R) application framework, simplify and reduce costs associated with telephony administration and migration to VoIP systems.
The search client is based on the ObjectFX SpatialFX(R) Web Application Framework and provides a baseline browser-based search client that can be easily extended to meet each customer's specific needs for search, geospatial visualization and other capabilities.
ANT Galio gives Siemens SHC a significant competitive edge in terms of functionality, maneuverability and scalability by delivering a consistent, comprehensive application framework across our product range.
the key innovator and leading supplier of Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) technology, and Comneon GmbH & Co OHG, a leading supplier of mobile software and wholly owned subsidiary of Infineon Technologies AG (FSE/NYSE:IFX), today announced that Comneon has selected Kineto's UMA client technology for integration into its mobile software platform consisting of Comneon's leading GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS protocol stack and APOXI(TM) Application Framework.
The Spring Framework has clearly emerged as the preeminent application framework in the market today, largely due to its steadfast adherence to the principles of simplicity and transparency -- meaning that the developer should spend time on business logic, rather than complicated infrastructure code," said Ari Zilka, founder & CEO of Terracotta.
The underlying Aras Innovator(TM) application framework now includes the Microsoft(R) Reporting Services add-in making the creation of customer reports fast and easy, and Aras Innovator remains the industry's only enterprise PLM solution built entirely on Microsoft(R) .
Rasin will lead the development organization and oversee the continuing technical advancement of the company's Aras Innovator(TM) application framework.
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