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11 Application Framework also supports up to 80 MHz of real-time bandwidth and full bidirectional communications and includes MAC layer features including CSMA/CA, RTS, CTS, NAV and retransmission.
The Nucleus add-on for the Qt application framework improves the UI development workflow based on the tight integration of Mentor Embedded tools, such as memory footprint optimization, software performance analysis and debugging, and simplifying the Qt application framework configuration and build process.
Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd, a software services and solutions provider, announced that the Sasken Application Framework has been successfully integrated onto IT company Texas Instruments Inc (TI) (NYSE:TXN) OMAP-Vox platform.
The ALEOS Application Framework enables developers using AirLink[R] wireless gateways to integrate "intelligence on the edge" for more efficient, cost-effective deployment and operation of M2M solutions.
The software application framework, developed under the codename "SmartScreens," is open and flexible in design to help bring out the best in a variety of services that a manufacturer or provider wants to provide on mobile products.
ANTWERP, Belgium -- JBoss, a division of Red Hat (NYSE:RHT), today announced an update to its powerful, application framework for Web 2.
New Features Support Mule's Momentum in SOA Environments and in Tandem with Other Popular Open Source Application Frameworks
The 'Wipro Composite Factory Model (W-CAF) will provide customers with the option of building and implementing composite applications on the SAP NetWeaver platform leveraging the Composite Application Framework.
This comprises the Composite Application Framework, supported by enabling technologies and Cordys@Work, a repository of guidelines, blueprints, templates and best practices for the successful development and implementation of SOA-based solutions using Cordys.
0 features a new Application Framework developed specifically for the TV user interface model, as well as support for new Internet standards.
The Click Commerce Composite Application Framework is based on a service-oriented architecture and enables the delivery of tailored solutions without the cost, development, and time required for customization.
Spurred by increasing market acceptance of our 2nd Nature application framework as a way to streamline communication system management, we have added branch office/dual home phone support; support of unassigned DN list; and full support of IP phone system management, including creation, modification and deletion.
Unimax's products, based on the company's patented 2nd Nature(R) application framework, simplify and reduce costs associated with telephony administration and migration to VoIP systems.
The search client is based on the ObjectFX SpatialFX(R) Web Application Framework and provides a baseline browser-based search client that can be easily extended to meet each customer's specific needs for search, geospatial visualization and other capabilities.
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