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Teja NP includes an Application Development Environment, a Network Processing Operating System (NPOS) Run Time and an extensible library of embedded network applications.
By using Niagara AX as their application development environment, partners are able to reduce development costs and bring products to market more quickly and at lower cost and with less development risk".
According to the terms of the agreement, CTI-PRO will be distributing VBVoice, Pronexus' award-winning Rapid Application Development environment for creating sophisticated IVRs, telephony and speech solutions.
OTTAWA -- Rapid Application Development Environment Accelerates the Creation of Sophisticated IVR Applications on Open Source Platform
Thousands of developers around the world use VBVoice, a rapid application development environment, to create scalable and flexible telephony applications such as speech-enabled IVRs, hardware-less VoIP solutions, and much more.
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