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Utilizing the built-in screen and keypad on the customers existing device, the uniFLOW Secure Print Applet can help provide access controls to the device, and to print jobs, by requiring users to authenticate at the device using their PIN code, username/password, or simply swiping their access card.
They suggest to use contextualized problems with multiple representations that applets can provide as means to help perform this transition.
Applets can be created for any employee view including management, Help Desk information where number of open tickets and ticket resolution by employee are important metrics to display, call center staff, finance, NOCs (network operating centers) and more.
Applets and Plug-ins are capable of delivering rich Web applications, but at high cost to the enterprise and the end-user.
ON-Math seeks volunteers who possess the technical skills to develop Web-based interactive applications using Java applets, Flash plug ins, Shockwave Studio, or other online application software.
Java applets are executable programs included in HTML pages similar to the way images are included.
AIX-EN-PROVENCE, France -- INSIDE Secure, a leader in semiconductor solutions for secure transactions and digital identity, today announced that its Mobile MasterCard[R] PayPass[TM] M/Chip 4 payment applet has attained MasterCard CAST and Functional certification on the INSIDE SecuRead[R] NFC module.
Availability of applets and the conditions under which these applets can be placed on chips with the JavaCard OS that are used in the Dutch ID card, Driver~s License, as well as future chips and operating systems.
With the availability of the VaultSEcure IC, smartphone manufacturers, mobile network operators and other trusted third parties can co-own the SE and install, personalize and administer their own open- or closed-loop payment, access control, transit, loyalty or other secure applets.
Support for FLASH or JAVA applets and web site response time measurements are part of the advanced editions.
Snowbound Software's expert imaging developer tools, powerful web imaging applets and viewers, and rapid batch document and image conversion programs support over 100 different file formats and are designed to increase productivity and profitability across numerous vertical markets.
This release simplifies and standardizes our support for Java integration with 4D Server 2003, allowing Java developers to create enterprise applications, applets, or servlets to interact with 4D Server 2003.
To help prioritize and quantify tuning efforts, Spotlight on Siebel Response Time identifies Siebel applets that are under performing and enables application administrators to revisit the configuration of poor-performing applets.
ActivCard leverages Sm@rtCafe(R) Expert with its complete suite of applets - providing PIN management, PKI, one-time-passwords, biometrics and static password services for securing business applications.