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(Greek mythology) group of 3 to 7 nymphs who guarded the golden apples that Gaea gave as a wedding gift to Hera


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In his monologue, Caponsacchi, the canon who rescues Pompilia, also compares to her to the apples of the Hesperides.
The key here, of course, is the use by the Titans of the Apples of the Hesperides to lure Dionysus away from the protection of the Curetes.
However, the depiction of these labors on the temple of Hephaestus takes on a new configuration, an arrangement that shapes the space of rhetoric and democracy: 1) Nemean Lion; 2) Lernaean Hydra; 3) Ceryneian Hind; 4) Erymanthian Boar; 5) Cretan Bull; 6) Mares of Diomedes; 7) Capture of Cerberus; 8) Hippolyte's Girdle; 9) Cattle of Geryon (which is depicted in two metopes); and 10) Apples of the Hesperides (see figures 6-7).
Two fibre art sculptures recall Roger's 'Tales of Greece and Troy' - a Greek and Trojan fighting and the Golden Apples of the Hesperides with the guardian snake below.
Apples" has a well-known classical basis in the tale of the golden apples of the Hesperides as well as a common identification with the fruit of the Eden story.