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Synonyms for apple

the apple of your eye

Synonyms for apple

fruit with red or yellow or green skin and sweet to tart crisp whitish flesh

native Eurasian tree widely cultivated in many varieties for its firm rounded edible fruits

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Its unique blend of heirloom apple varieties results in a refreshing semi-sweet taste that, in product testing, 78 percent of consumers said they would buy.
Discover some new and tasty varieties - you can try before you buy from around 70 apple varieties.
Pazazz hits the stand when other apple varieties have lost a lot of their luster and flavor," says Don Roper, VP, sales and marketing.
Bonus: Other worthy and historically proven cider apple varieties are 'Baldwin,' 'Ben Davis,' 'Black Twig,' 'Empire,' 'Honeycrisp,' 'Jonathan,' 'Newtown Pippin' (aka 'Albemarle'), 'Northern Spy,' 'Razor Russet,' 'Smokehouse,' 'Stayman,' 'Virginia Crab' (aka 'Hewes Crab'), 'Wickson Crab' and 'Yates.
As objects of study three apple varieties were selected--Zolotoe Letnee, Spartak, Kutuzovets from the collection of the State Budgetary Institution of the Samara Region "Research Institute of Horticulture and Medicinal Plants" Zhigulevskie Sady"; summer apple varieties Zolotoe Letnee and Vozrozhdenie grown in the Samara Region at various stages of ripeness.
Cider--whether hard or soft--conjures up fall images of hayrack rides and woodstoves, and cider making is quite easy once you have the right apple varieties on hand.
Some of our most popular apple varieties are susceptible to a number of diseases and pathogens, which makes producing them a challenge.
Apple varieties that have been named and released by the university include Fireside, Haralson, Honeygold and, more recently, Honeycrisp and Zestar.
To make the cider, Woodchuck's original hard cider (made with Vermont culinary apple varieties such as Macintosh and late season Northern Spy) was aged with crushed cocao beans.
Apple varieties such as Braeburn, Cox's Orange Pippin and Granny Smith will last for months if stored properly.
The garden boasts a beautiful selection of apple varieties - many of which may never be seen in the supermarket.
Ian Sturrock tends one of his Welsh apple varieties Picture: ROBERT PARRY JONES
Visit a grocery store and decide on several apple varieties that vary in color, flavor, size, etc.
Edibles has joined a growing movement to preserve and promote the diversity of apple varieties that we think of as British.