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pie (with a top crust) containing sliced apples and sugar

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The apple pudding and mousse are my idea of heaven though.
East Midlands - Claire Griffiths from Nottingham, Nottinghamshire apple pudding.
a recipe to make even the most kitchen-phobic person feel like Delia for the day - a quick and simple apple pudding.
Johnson's deep dish apple pudding recipe remains a guarded secret, however.
Nick, head chef at the newly opened restaurant at the Hare and Hounds, Aberthin, loves to mix and match flavours, explaining: "Instead of chocolate and hazelnut tart for example, I might serve chocolate tart with hazelnut ice cream or apple pudding with cinnamon ice cream.
Full but not finished, we ordered dessert: European bittersweet brownie with roasted banana crSme brulee and an apple pudding cake with cinnamon butter sauce ($3.
Gary's mouth watering Coq au Vin and moreish Upside Down Dutch Apple Pudding are bound to be favourites, not just with the children, but with the whole hungry family, as the cool autumn days set in.