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Open the Script Editor and choose About the Script Editor from the Apple Menu.
In this folder are mini-programs that automatically will add an alias of programs to the apple menu, eject all disks, copy a document and close all open windows.
On opening the "Speakable Items" folder in the Apple menu, you can observe the aliases of pre-installed commands such as open Monitor, open PrintMonitor.
When you use At Ease, you can still select items under the Apple menu, like Key Caps or the Calculator.
IF you have Apple Menu Options Control Panel installed, make an alias of your documents folder and your Launcher Items (from the System Folder) and place it in you Apple Menu Items.
In System 6 WriteNow Help appears as a command under the Apple menu.
Go to the Apple menu in the top left hand corner, then go System Preferences> iCloud > Manage Family and click the plus.
Have your Macintosh act as a clock radio for you by going to the Apple Menu > Control Panels > Energy Saver: 1.
You can have up to fifty-two items in the Apple Menu now.
Open System Preferences from Apple menu and select "Network"