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Today we are excited to officially welcome Beats Music and Beats Electronics to the Apple family," Apple said on its website.
Certainly the Apple family roots run deep in the Northeast and, in particular, the Hudson River Valley.
It does have botanical connections with the tropics, being the northernmost member of the Custard Apple family, which includes such delicacies as the cherimoya and soursop.
Cook did not mention why the removals of Forstall and Browett specifically contributed to making the Apple family more cohesive and collaborative, but he insisted that the moves were largely made for positive reasons, rather than ones many believe -- misbehavior, power struggles, and a schism in the direction of iOS.
Botanists and agricultural scientists examine virus, viroid, and phytoplasma diseases of both the apple family and the peach family of fruits, because many of the diseases affect both groups.
Another test-equipment maker addressing the Apple family of phones and tablets is Redfish Instruments.
The Apple family lives in an Apple Orchard, where they make apple cider for villages all around.
The newest member of the apple family is now shipping to lunch boxes nationwide.
lt;p>Bott suspected that Microsoft would undercut the usual Apple Family Pack price by marking its Windows 7 three-license bundle at $189.