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It's a member of the apple family and produces small apple-like fruits which are invaluable for making apple jelly, and which persist until late February or early March.
Apple Family Macintosh Performa, from pounds 1701 to pounds 1994, has an array of software and games plus an Internet link and optional TV facility.
If it seems to you that there are more packages listed for the Apple family, you're right.
You see, I wasn't the only member of the Apple family to have been so dramatically affected by what I saw and heard.
iOS 6 and iPhone 5 Support - Accellion now delivers support for the latest additions to the Apple family.
We canvassed our immense hotel offerings and picked the top outrageous luxury offerings in the Apple family.
This day in October will always carry significance to the Apple family, and it would be fitting to release Apple's most accessible tablet yet unto the masses on that very day.
7 inch LED backlit IPS touch-screen, has proved a hugely popular member of the Apple family of products, reportedly selling over 3 million devices in the first 3 months after its launch in April 2010.
Coming from the Canadian prairies, this apple family member is the size of a blueberry, but tastes like cherry/almond.