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The makers of soft drink Tango are looking for a seductive Scot who could be the voice for their new apple drink ad.
These days, however, the leading brands would have us believe that the phrase refers to a sophisticated apple drink served over ice.
Its ever-expanding range includes a box of orange chocolates, costing pounds 7 and an apple drink at pounds 1.
The sparkling apple drink has been held back for many years by its 'country bumpkin' image cemented in the 1970s by the Wurzels who sang about it, dressed as straw-sucking yokels.
NPD for 2001 included Coca-Cola's relaunch of its Appletise carbonated apple drink, which was renamed Appletiser, and an extension of its Fanta brand -- Icy Lemon.
5% of the carbonates market by volume and Cidona is the number one carbonated apple drink with a 4% share (ACNielsen 2000).
79[pounds], while the organic apple drink retails for 2.
There was a festive family atmosphere, with complimentary pomegranate and apple drinks indoors and free rides for kids outside.
Such recipes as apple tarts, pies, and strudels are a 'given' in an apple cookbook; but add a wide range of apple drinks, chutneys and relishes, breakfast scrambles and salads and dumplings and you have a cookbook that goes well beyond most in exploring the apple's versatility.
Smallwood said: "We've gone to great lengths with Mister Woods Coffee to offer our customers the very best quality coffees and foods, such as ice creams and frozen yoghurts from a producer in the Isle of Arran, and hot apple drinks from Canada, and created a unique and relaxing atmosphere in which to enjoy them.
WARWICKSHIRE writer andperformer Ginny Davies will be offering readings from Dickens tomorrow as Chedham's Yard in Wellesbourne offers a Victorian Christmas with roasted chestnuts, mulled wine and hot apple drinks, cakes and a visit from The Dibley Father's Christmas.
Now if I can come up with that drink in 30 seconds, I bet you'll be able to come up with a whole menu of new apple drinks in an afternoon.
There are short drinks, long drinks, hop and apple drinks, and even a low-alcohol long drink menu for those who are not on holiday
The word 'hard' is used to differentiate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic apple drinks in the US but here it may be seen as implying a strength not really present.