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Synonyms for crumble

Synonyms for crumble

to reduce or become reduced to pieces or components

Synonyms for crumble

break or fall apart into fragments


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Just about everybody knows how to make an apple crumble, but this one's got a tricky wee secret - a simple something that makes it really tasty.
95 Dessert: Apple crumble with vanilla pod ice cream pounds 5.
More than 330,000 copies of the book, which features recipes for 32 classic dishes including spaghetti bolognese and apple crumble, have been ordered so far.
The overhaul, intended to satisfy dieters' desire to still treat themselves, includes the addition of Belgian chocolate slices, mini Victorian sponges and apple crumble slices.
I'd teach them to cook apple crumble, children love pudding and it isn't too difficult.
95) with a raspberry coulis, while Emma was swayed by the dessert of the day, apple crumble with custard (pounds 4.
Cook a British meal for friends - nothing beats old favourites like Cottage Pie or Apple Crumble.
In tests, the oven cooked eight jacket potatoes in 35 minutes, a piece of salmon in 18 minutes, and an apple crumble in 20 minutes Stoves says Genus technology is a brand new concept in cooking that uses conventional oven cooking methods combined with new Genus waves which heat food evenly and uniformly to speed up cooking times.
Desserts (included with entree price) are Bailey's Irish Cream cheesecake, bread and butter pudding and apple crumble with fresh cream.
Cheap versions often lack that crucial fruity freshness but this promotion from the Co-op has real apple crumble and sherbet lemon flavours, yet still retains a nicely balanced acidity.
I went for apple crumble and ice cream, and mum enjoyed one of her favourites - sticky toffee pudding - and there was no problem when she asked for extra cream.
Among recipes in the 116-page book are Ashley Young's curried goat and striker John Carew's apple crumble.
APPLE CRUMBLE and pizza were once the most imaginative dishes to be created in the classroom.
And on Saturday night, 450 guests enjoyed a sumptuous medieval banquet of King's Soup, otherwise known as vegetable broth, a meat platter of roast chicken, barbecue ribs of pork, wild boar, roast potatoes and vegetables, and an apple crumble with custard.