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When combined with Centrify's DirectControl for Mobile offering, organizations can obtain comprehensive enterprise-grade control over authentication and security policy enforcement for all Apple Mac, iPhone and iPad products in their environment without the hassle of deploying complex new infrastructure and dealing with yet another "pane of glass" from a separate standalone management console.
The game was quickly converted from the iPad to the Apple Mac using Slam Productions proprietary Rapid Application Development platform and, as a result of not having to be completely re-engineered, is an exciting proposition for Appache who want to retain maximum revenues with as little development costs as possible.
com Inc (Nasdaq: AMZN) announced today the availability of Kindle for Mac, an e-boook reader application for use on Apple Mac computers.
Shefateur Rahman and Alamin Hussain, both aged 11, had a great time making comic strip cartoons on an Apple Mac laptop and digital camera.
Zen said it had opted to offer dedicated support for Apple Mac users after discovering the market is expanding at three times the rate of the PC market.
NEVER rule anything out when it comes to Apple Mac obsessives - including.
Included is a concealed door at the base of the stand designed to hold an Apple Mac Mini.
com, a website dedicated to information and tools for the law enforcement community, have announced the publication of their white paper on Malware technologies on the Apple Mac OS X platform.
Availability -- Oracle Database 10g Early Adopters Release 2 for Apple Mac OS X is immediately available for free download and evaluation to all registered Oracle Technology (OTN) members.
com/) are pleased to announce official support for Apple Mac users on our broadband services.
Zetera Corporation, a developer of breakthrough network storage technology, today announced its Z-SAN[R] technology will support Apple Mac computers running the Mac OS X operating system.
Radia Support for Apple Mac OS Brings Leading Automated Software and Content
The 3ware Sidecar hardware RAID storage system is a desktop, external SATA II RAID solution that seamlessly integrates with the Apple Mac Pro and Power Mac G5 workstations.
Nasdaq: VOCLF), Internet Phone Company(TM), today announced shipment of Internet Phone(TM) for the Apple Mac OS(TM), as well as a buy-one/get- one promotion in which buyers can purchase two licenses for the product for the price of one and give one to a co-worker, friend or family member.
The AMCC 3ware Sidecar for the Apple Mac Pro and Power Mac G5 workstations is available through AMCC's worldwide network of distributors, VARs and direct market resellers.