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Synonyms for apple

the apple of your eye

Synonyms for apple

fruit with red or yellow or green skin and sweet to tart crisp whitish flesh

native Eurasian tree widely cultivated in many varieties for its firm rounded edible fruits

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Located in Huron County, construction of the Apple Blossom wind farm is expected to begin in late 2016.
When the 100mw Apple Blossom is completed, Sempra US Gas and Power, along with its affiliates and joint-venture partners, will have wind facilities in eight states totaling more than 1,300mw of generating capacity.
Sempra United States Gas and Power, a developer of renewable energy and natural gas projects, has acquired the Apple Blossom wind project in Michigan from Geronimo Energ LLC, a utility-scale wind and solar energy developer.
the Apple Blossom wind farm will generate enough clean, renewable power for approximately 38,000 Michigan homes.
The apple blossom this year was thick and fulsome and since there was no frost when the trees were flowering and there were plenty of pollinating insects about, able to do their work unhindered, it's meant that a copious amount of fruit has been set.
And so, Sholan Farms' Apple Blossom Festival and Craft Fair on May 4 will be spectacular.
in Junction City as global marketing manager for agricultural products including Calcium Carbonate Sunscreens, slug and snail baits, fungicides and apple blossom thinning agents.
commonly known as Japonica, a thorny wall shrub with small flowers like apple blossom, followed by hard irregular green inedible fruits.
He is by exciting US second-season sire Bernardini and is a half-brother to this year's Grade 1 Apple Blossom Handicap winner Havre De Grace 115 A rare appearance of a yearling by the all-conquering Galileo in an American sales ring.
Its hint of boiled sweets is amply counterbalanced by the apple blossom nose that works through into a desert apple finish with lively acidity and, at 10.
The altar of the garden sanctuary featured a centered wrought iron cross flanked by arrangements of bells of Ireland, white Stargazer lilies, apple blossom snapdragons, Virginia, Anna, and Jade roses, peonies, stems of stock, spray roses, Kermit Buttons, and Queen Anne's lace.
The worst-affected states were Georgia and North and South Carolina, which had severe damage to peach and apple blossom.
Appearing in pink, red, apple blossom, white, coral and, most recently, yellow, 'Flower Carpet' roses seemed to have it all: long bloom time, coppery-green foliage and disease resistance.
Classics such as Prado's Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White and Que Rico el Mambo, Rafael Hernandez's El Cumbanchero, Puente's A Gozar Timbero and the immortal Besame Mucho, will have you dancing instantly.
Its deep-red flowers offer a rich addition to the Flower Carpet rose line-up that to date includes deep pink, soft pink, apple blossom, and white varieties.