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a smaller of the four Swiss breeds

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Upon reaching the summit, we are rewarded by a digestive in the form of a tipple of Appenzeller AlpenBitters.
Here you will find the proud Nankin cock bantam, with its "rich orange with chestnut, copper and ginger-buff" plumage, the Poland hen, its crest of feathers, the author suggests, making it look like "a Las Vegas showgirl", and the Appenzeller Spitzhauden hen which "comes in silver spangled, gold spangled, chamois spangled, black and blue".
The 25-year-old admitted romping with his male Appenzeller, Blaessli since 2008.
Jim Appenzeller, owner of Jim's Sports Heaven in Oconomowoc, Wis.
So, Swiss cheese lovers should look out for Emmi's cheeseboard and indulge in the different cheese types Emmentaler, Le Gruyere, Luzerner cream cheese, Appenzeller and Tilsiter in handy portions.
The President of the BRPT is Becky Appenzeller, RPSGT, R.
Appenzeller, the pioneer among the Methodists, counted, among the "work of the Devil," tobacco, along with dancing, gambling, liquor traffic, and several social injustices.
Or try mozzarella, ricotta and Parmesan or Appenzeller and creme fraiche.
42,43) Appenzeller and associates (44) have demonstrated a reduction in cerebral and corpus callosum volumes in SLE patients that are associated with disease duration and cognitive impairment and other central nervous system manifestations, but not total corticosteroid dose or the presence of aPL.
Limburger, Munster and Appenzeller are types of what?
The family-run organic Appenzeller brewery--which has been operating in the town of Appenzell since 1886--will be offering the UK off-trade a five-strong range of 330ml beers infused with pure Alpstein spring water.
Appenzeller BMR, Schneider S, Yegles M, Maul A, Wennig R.
Rebecca Appenzeller joins CONTECH as Assistant General Legal Counsel to serve as Contract Administrator.
Bank Leu analyst Patrick Appenzeller said: "They (Holcim) saw very nice growth in all regions in the second quarter.
It was also overwhelming to share the room with such notables as Ernst Jokl, Terry Kavanagh, Tom Bassler, Jack Scaff, Otto Appenzeller, veteran marathoner Dr.