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the angular separation between two objects as perceived by an observer

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This is achieved by the projection of unified consciousness into an infinite variety of objects of apparent separation.
The book's white perspective fails to show how Indigenous and 'Asian' peoples maintained some control over their lives by refusing (where possible) their apparent separation. The complex ancestries of many northern Indigenous people today testify to the fact that Indigenous and 'Asian' people found ways to circumvent white control of their lives and relationships.
Underlying their words, and their apparent separation from each other, is a poignant sadness.
In spite of their apparent separation in class, their beliefs are similar and soon they fall in love.
It might be thought that apparent separation at the policy level is a mere conceptual lapse, or not intended or that too much should separation.
The delay for radiation coming from different parts of the halo, along with their apparent separation, indicates the distance.
11 Venus at greatest elongation (maximum apparent separation) from the sun (45 [degrees]), though not as high and late-setting as it was a few weeks ago; King Kamehameha I Day in Hawaii; Queen's Official Birthday in the U.K.
Linking discrete and diverse programs so they work seamlessly--that is, as if there is no apparent separation between them--takes considerable planning.
The direction of the companion with respect to its primary shifts slowly, but the apparent separation barely changes throughout the orbit.
Splitting double stars usually comes down to two things: the visual magnitudes of the stars, and their apparent separation in the sky.
The apparent separation of the stars is currently 4.7".
Their 95.0" apparent separation shows that their true separation is at least 848 times the Earth-Sun distance.