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a hardy breed of saddle horse developed in western North America and characteristically having a spotted rump

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THE SECRET HORSE: QUEST FOR THE TRUE APPALOOSA (9pm BBC Four) YOU might remember a 2009 C4 series Around The World In 80 Trades.
ANIMALS THE SECRET HORSE: QUEST FOR THE TRUE APPALOOSA BBC4, 9pm YOU might remember a 2009 Channel 4 series Around The World In 80 Trades.
Even Conor admitted to having a tear in his eye when they spotted a pack of horses roaming wild in the valley who showed all the signs of being true Appaloosas.
Since 2002, the White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue has rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed at-risk Appaloosas and other horses in urgent need.
Unlike other breeds that compete against the clock, Appaloosas competed head-to-head in Camas Prairie stump races (barrel racing), Nez Perce stake races (pole bending), and rope races, which is similar to musical chairs.
Appaloosas are very tough and can do any job," said Rebecca Melling, groom to the Moorhey Appaloosa stud from Preston in Lancashire.
Appaloosas with unusual color patterns were prized as racing and riding mounts for warriors and tribal leaders.
The rims of my eyeglasses cross my plain of vision and I see things moving there, I imagine them - buffalo, pintos, paints, travois, appaloosas, dogs, tobacco, teepees, men in buckskin, Gabriel Dumont, hunters - and I smell the smelts of feces and blood and poplar smoke and iron rusting and sweat and powder and read and hides.
Open quarter horse maiden races will now be worth $19,0, while the same maiden races for paints and Appaloosas are at $17,400.
Homecoming: The Los Angeles County Fair season at Fairplex Park in Pomona opens with a 12-race card - the first for appaloosas and the rest of thoroughbreds - today at 12:30 p.
Detailed information on every horse breed -- from Appaloosas to Welsh Ponies -- is available, together with other features that include a Cowboy Shopping Mall, a Cyber Ranch Tour, a Yellow Page Directory created especially for the equestrian industry, and a Country & Western Entertainment Center for booking talent.
Overnight races for paints and Appaloosas will increase by $500 per race.
And there was the day this year when a victorious mule - Ferndale holds races for mules as well as thoroughbreds, Arabians and appaloosas - proved so stubborn that a pony had to shepherd him into the winner's circle.