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a hardy breed of saddle horse developed in western North America and characteristically having a spotted rump

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The White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue is a non-profit corporation located in Nottoway County, Virginia and has been an IRS recognized 501c3 non-profit since 2003.
The Appaloosa Horse Club is the registering organization.
The Appaloosa horse is known for many things--speed, endurance, versatility--but above all, for its alluring spotted coat.
His hooves were cream colored and had some darker streaks on them as an appaloosa horse would have.
A single Appaloosa horse was led through the flower-filled chapel in a tribute to Mrs McCartney's devotion to animals and her love of riding.
The Appaloosa horse Carl Lee adores in the novel also figures into my personal history, but I'll have to backtrack quite a few years to show how it does.
Featherlite is the official trailer of AQHA, Appaloosa Horse Club and other organizations.
Huckabee-Mayfield in person at the White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue's facility in Nottoway County, Virginia this fall.
In fact, the tribe helped the university create its mascot costume, approving the face paint, flaming spear, and the Appaloosa horse, none of which have any connection to Seminole history.
And as a tribute to Linda's devotion to animals and her years of campaigning for them, a single Appaloosa horse was led through the flower- filled chapel.