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a hardy breed of saddle horse developed in western North America and characteristically having a spotted rump

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Tepper's ownership of one of the Appaloosa funds -- Appaloosa Investment LP I -- declined to zero from 80 percent by the end of December, and its assets dropped to $2.1 billion as of Dec.
"Appaloosa" is a substantive western about people at crossroads in their lives.
Appaloosa's tagline is 'feelings get you killed', but Harris the director never raises the temperature beyond simmering.
Beneath a photograph of the couple are the words: "You're up on your beautiful Appaloosa stallion.
'Anasazi', 'New Mexico Appaloosa', 'Bolita', scarlet runner, 'White Aztec' (pueblo), brown and white tepary.
But in the last seven months, the extra hours of playing time has added about $1.2 million to the spring racing season, which also includes paint and Appaloosa horses.
Appaloosa Journal, Moscow, ID, and Mike Deering, Missouri Cattleman's Assn.
(SKY MOVIES PREMIERE) 6.00pm Appaloosa. (15) (2008) With Viggo Mortensen.
Friday Appaloosa More4 10pm One of Hollyood's greatest actors shows he is a terrific director as well in his first journey behind the camera.
David Tepper, head of Appaloosa Management, doubts that the FED will implement QE3 unless markets get considerably worse.
The small New Mexico mining community of Appaloosa is under the thumb of ruthless, sadistic rancher Randall Bragg (Jeremy Irons) and his men, who gun down anyone who dares to challenge their supremacy - even the local sheriff and his deputies.
Kidder is a leopard Appaloosa with plenty of spots.
Debbie Rolfe gave up her underwear to help her mum capture the tiny Appaloosa and return him safely to his field.
A fine display of the strikingly marked Appaloosa horses was a feature at the 128th Eggleston Show in Teesdale on Saturday.
The senior classes opened with a win for Solihull's Sadie Edwards in the Charles Owen British Novice, just ahead of Hinckley's Clare Robins on her 15hh appaloosa gelding The Ballyglass Kid.