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an impoverished coal mining area in the Appalachian Mountains (from Pennsylvania to North Carolina)

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College in Dudley, Appalacian State College in North Carolina and played varsity basketball at both schools.
I can only assume BP Oil's scientists just must have been busy with other important work, like exploratory wells in the Canadian Arctic and extracting natural gas by fracturing the shale drinking water aquifers of the Rocky and Appalacian mountain ranges.
Appalacian Distributors is keen to put the game into their 4,000 stores and the pounds 1bn Home School market is also interested.
With a small grant from the Appalacian Regional Commission, the city has had all of its base maps digitized by the geography department of the nearby state university.
The Eastern Box Turtle is common across much of the eastern U.S., but there are a few other species and subspecies of box turtle sharing its range--and extending that range west of the Appalacians and even to the southwest.