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Appalachian Power is making concurrent filings today with the Virginia State Corporation Commission and the Public Service Commission of West Virginia requesting regulatory approvals to acquire the Hardin and Beech Ridge II wind facilities.
When I Was Young in the Mountains, a Caldecott Honor book, and Appalachia: The Voices of Sleeping Birds, both by noted Appalachian writer Cynthia Rylant (1982, 1998), appeal, specifically, to the love of place and family that Appalachians have traditionally demonstrated (Jones, 1994).
For about 10,000,000 years, the volcanoes continued to add carbon to the atmosphere as the Appalachians removed it, so the hothouse conditions remained stable.
Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project (ASAP) is making matching funds available to farmers through a program funded by the North Carolina Tobacco Trust Fund Commission.
The Bitterroot Range is part of the Appalachian Mountains.
Recognition of Appalachians as a distinct ethnic group has only recently begun to appear in the counseling literature (Gollnick & Chinn, 1998).
Upon its completion, scheduled for spring of 2005, the Appalachian will be at the heart of a future pedestrian plaza.
This book is described as the first published memoir by an Appalachian coal miner Armstead followed his father into mines in West Virginia in 1947 and worked at various sites until his retirement as a safety inspector in 1987.
The Canadian Appalachians (Maritimes and Newfoundland) are an example of a long-lived (ca.
Those periods correspond with the uplift of the Appalachians and the formation of the rocks from which they grew.
When Appalachians have met their family commitments, which are considered tantamount, then they will try to make their other appointments.
But unlike some historians who celebrate the competitive commercial economy of pre-industrial society, Weise posits a darker side, arguing that this republican ideology of independence made Appalachians vulnerable to exploitation by railroad, timber and coal companies when they begin to develop the region in the late nineteenth century.
Pep pills and ubiquitous satellite dishes are the main evidence that the 20th century has arrived in the Appalachians - otherwise, the Bowling homes seem what might be charitably called ramshackle.
Moving west to find the freedom to farm their own lands in the Appalachians, the Ulster Scots, or Scots Irish as they became known in America, kept many old tunes.
Current data indicate that conditions in Appalachia have improved greatly: the percentage of Appalachians in poverty declined; the percentage of adults who graduated high school jumped; housing units with complete plumbing, jobs per 100 people, numbers of jobs, and population increased.