Appalachian Mountains

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When the ARC was created in 1965, it was intended to serve the ten states within the Appalachian mountain range.
The low budget, high tension film follows six outdoors-loving young women as they get lost during a caving expedition, deep within the Appalachian mountain range, only to fall prey to a nest of bloodthirsty cave monsters.
From the rigid Appalachian mountain range to the flowing waterfalls and colorful festivals in distant lands, geography is diverse, beautiful and ever-changing.
The Appalachian mountain range is the backdrop to some spectacular scenery and when you visit the Blue Ridge Mountains you'll soon see why The Waltons were so proud to call it home.
The former is found at Elkmont in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, at Congaree Swamp National Park in South Carolina, in high elevation areas--at least 2,000 feet--in parts of the Carolinas, and in parts of the Appalachian Mountain range, from Virginia to Georgia.
The US Agriculture Research Service is conducting a study that will help eventually market to natural food market niches the mostly grass-fed cattle of the Appalachian mountain range in the American South.
The barn stands in the shadow of Powell Mountain, a long, thin sandstone ridge in the southwestern corner of Virginia that is wedged between eastern Kentucky and Tennessee, about midway along the Appalachian mountain range that stretches across the eastern United States from Georgia to Maine.
The ultramafic bodies of the Appalachian mountain range have been of interest to geologists for years.
Our location is protected from the bitter cold winters by the Appalachian Mountain range and although we need moisture from the Gulf of Mexico in the summer, we are far enough north to avoid the relentless pounding rains in the Gulf region.
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