Appalachian Mountains

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The expanded cities and states are primarily west of the Appalachian Mountains, as well as in Florida and Georgia.
The Appalachian Mountains swell with rivers, streams, parks, hiking trails, national forest land, hot springs, and an immense diversity of plant life (a veritable seed bank left by glaciers dragging the northern plants southward).
Expertly authored for a vivid and intimate detailing of Tapon's travels, Hike Your Own Hike enlightens readers to the exclusively awe-inspiring journey through the Appalachian Mountains in both discovery of land, self, and the lighter side of life.
Because of its unique location on the western edge of the Appalachian Mountains, Cranesville Swamp is home to habitat uncommon for the mid-Atlantic region.
They kept coming, spilling down the Appalachian Mountains into the Carolinas, Georgia, and westward, into what would become Kentucky and Tennessee.
New Yorkers anxious for a quick getaway will soon have a new option to consider--a mixed-use vacation spot in the Appalachian Mountains.
Silas House brings The Coal Tattoo to life against the backdrop of the beautiful and magical Appalachian Mountains and the tyranny of the coal mining companies whose decades of treachery and abuse of the powerless local community is about to come to an end.
Clogging is a distinctive American dance form that has its origins in the Appalachian Mountains, according to a publication devoted to the dance form.
When Inman is called up, they exchange photographs and Ada gives Inman a travel book based on the natural world of the Appalachian mountains.
It's a clearing house for lost and unclaimed airline baggage, nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Scottsboro, Alabama, where shoppers can swoop up quality, secondhand items at 50%-80% below retail price.
Along the Appalachian mountains of Virginia, at the end of the Civil War, chaos is everywhere.
SCOTS are ashamed of the way they talk - just like the Hillbillies of the Appalachian mountains.
High frequencies of asthma attack generally occur in (1) the northeast-southwest Appalachian Mountains area, and (2) the inner urban area.
Small ultramafic bodies occur along the entire length of the Appalachian Mountains.
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