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The Blue Ridge Forever Coalition is led by Blue Ridge Rural Land Trust, Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy, Conservation Trust for North Carolina, Foothills Conservancy of North Carolina, High Country Conservancy, Highlands-Cashiers Land Trust, Land Trust for the Little Tennessee, National Committee for the New River, Pacolet Area Conservancy and Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy.
Extending from eastern Kentucky to northeastern Alabama the Cumberland Plateau comprises the western edge of the broad Appalachian Highlands province of the eastern U.
In recent years, the Southern states have been hard hit by the closing of textile plants in South Carolina and the changing coal economy of the Appalachian highlands.
In addition, forest patterns discerned from this study may aid in the comparison of so-called mix mesophytic stands in the Boston Mountains to stands of similar composition in the Appalachian Highlands.
Cambarus species primarily occur in the Appalachian Highlands, Orconectes species are generally found on the Interior Low Plateau, and Procambarus species are mostly Coastal Plain endemics.
The centers "blend together the best of research and interpretation," says Susan Sachs, education coordinator for Great Smoky Mountains National Park's Appalachian Highlands Science Learning Center at Purchase Knob.
We pinpointed 11 areas, such as the New York/New Jersey harbor, the Catskill Mountains, the Appalachian Highlands in the three states, Long Island Sound and active farmland throughout the region, where government action is needed to preserve the land and water and create a series of regional greenbelts.
Two darters are members of this clade, one (Percina cymatotaenia) endemic to the northern Ozarks (Pflieger 1984), the other (Percina stictogaster) with two disjunct populations occurring in the Appalachian highlands ([ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 3B OMITTED]; Burr and Page 1993).
In New England, the Lake States, Southwest, and Appalachian Highlands, managers and scientists are working to restore healthy, diverse, and productive forests and rangelands where decades of use have left poor ecological conditions.
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