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address to an absent or imaginary person

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the mark (') used to indicate the omission of one or more letters from a printed word

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Before she reached the house, Gouvernail had lighted a fresh cigar and ended his apostrophe to the night.
In the energy of these sentiments, which were uttered as an apostrophe to the Heavens in general, Miss Miggs perched the bonnet on the top of her own head, and folding her hands, turned on her tears.
As he arrived at this apostrophe, he again rolled upon the door-step, and laughed louder than before.
cried Eugene (he had recovered immediately on embarking), as they bumped heavily against a pile; and then in a lower voice reversed his late apostrophe by remarking ('I wish the boat of my honourable and gallant friend may be endowed with philanthropy enough not to turn bottom-upward and extinguish us
If his deafness did happen to betray him here and there, by some incoherent apostrophe or some unintelligible question, it passed for profundity with some, and for imbecility with others.
s Aunt, who had eaten her pie with great solemnity, and who had been elaborating some grievous scheme of injury in her mind since her first assumption of that public position on the Marshal's steps, took the present opportunity of addressing the following Sibyllic apostrophe to the relict of her late nephew.
He almost forgot Trefusis as he added the apostrophe.
Apostrophes to inanimate objects or to abstractions, however, might seem to belong where Blair puts them-- in another category altogether.
Su trabajo al frente de la mitica serie de television (Antena 2) Apostrophes le ha significado a los autores --sobre todo a los narradores-- un enorme exito.
Remember, apostrophes indicate the possessive case of nouns and also indicate missing letters in contractions.
I would only argue with Miola when he gets too specific and sees all messengers in Shakespeare as reflections of the Senecan nuntius, all confidants (including Lady Macbeth) as dependent on the Senecan convention of the domina-nutrix, all soliloquies as growing out of the Senecan choral meditation, and all apostrophes to Night as an essential part of Senecan tragic rhetoric.
Speaking of apostrophes, you see a lot of them in plurals where they're not needed.
NOTE TO EDITORS: The product names Twist[deg]n[deg]Turn and Play[deg]n[deg]Charge are spelled with degree symbols on either side of "n" instead of the apostrophes that may appear in some systems.
As Nathanson argues, "The notion that Whitman's apostrophes seem to generate a familiarity between poet and audience not usually attained by the written word has rightly become a truism of Whitman criticism.
A GRAMMAR expert has warned "if they take our apostrophes, commas will be next" after reports of councils culling punctuation from street signs.