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a titular Roman Catholic bishop in a non-Catholic area

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Blanchet's Apostolic Vicariate was raised to the Ecclesiastical Province of Oregon in 1846 with Blanchet appointed to the archiepiscopal see of Oregon City.
The report quotes leading Christian figures such as the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Apostolic Vicariate of Arabia, who showered plaudits on the UAE's leadership for its encouragement of inter-faith dialogue and the country's role in spreading tolerance and promoting coexistence among various faiths.
He served as pastor of the parish in Isiolo from 1963 until 1995 when he was named the bishop of the newly erected Isiolo apostolic vicariate.
Vicar Apostolic of Arabia, Bishop Paul Hinder, and Vicar Apostolic of Kuwait, Bishop Camillo Ballin, are on a visit organised by the Sacred Heart Church to mark the realignment of Bahrain from the Arabian Apostolic Vicariate to the Kuwaiti Apostolic Vicariate from June 1.
He established 10 new dioceses and one new apostolic vicariate.
Benjamin Inocencio, the 42-year-old chancellor of the Apostolic Vicariate of Jolo, was gunned down as he was sitting in an all-terrain vehicle Dec.
Seoul--Forty years have passed since the apostolic vicariates of the Church in South Korea were promoted to dioceses.