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84) For various reasons--the inability to establish a thriving Trotskyist movement in Canada in the 1930s, constant pressures from the United States Left Opposition leadership to relocate Spector to New York, a growing resentment of Cannon and his authority, a subtle, but developing, disenchantment with the program of the historic Left Opposition--Spector aligned with Abern and, in the process, began the slow apostatic relinquishment of the revolutionary politics that he had held in such high regard for much of his life, and that he developed with passion and acute intelligence in his youth and middle years.
Despite all the interest, there are still very few cases in which apostatic selection on color morphs has actually been demonstrated under natural conditions.
Three of these, background color matching, apostatic selection, and the effects of shell color on body temperature, all fall under what we think of as natural selection.
Apostatic selection, the selective advantage to whichever phenotype is in the minority, is regarded as an important factor for maintenance of defense polymorphisms (Thompson 1984; Greenwood 1984; Allen 1988; Endler 1988 and references therein).