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Synonyms for apostasy

Synonyms for apostasy

an instance of defecting from or abandoning a cause

Synonyms for apostasy

the state of having rejected your religious beliefs or your political party or a cause (often in favor of opposing beliefs or causes)

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the act of abandoning a party for cause

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Laws against idolatry provided an insulated space for the prophecy by which later generations of Christians could become witnesses of Christ:</p> <pre> The circumstance of the Mosaic Dispensation were these--To shew the great power of God and by the immediate consequences [of] their frequent apostacy from him to shew the hateful Effects of Idolatry the Jews were chosen above all others--a people of a stupid and earthly imagination and blindly addicted to idolatrous Rites from the splendid Ceremonies and sensual Pleasures which attended them.
And then on Sunday, showing how far Nuneaton has come, The King William IV in Coton Road offers a line-up of Trailer, Big Origami, Hobo Exile Hotel and the Apostacy, from 5pm.
For some examples, see Thomas Manton, XVIII sermons on the second chapter of the 2d Epistle to the Thessalonians containing the description, rise, growth, and fall of Antichrist : with divers cautions and arguments to establish Christians against the apostacy of the Church of Rome : very necessary for these times, (London: 1679); William Ramsay, Mirmah, Maroumah, Maroum: a discourse consisting of three sermons: a New-year's gift of love to the Protestant Church.
Then Subjects withdrawing their Obedience from their Lawful Prince, is a denying Gods Authority; Treason against him is a kind of Sacrilidge; a Revolt from him, an Apostacy from God ' (Samuel Johnson, An Argument Proving that the Abrogation of King James by the People of England [.
Early likewise led the charge to ostracize Longstreet for his criticisms of Lee and postwar political apostacy.
Gonzales retains none of Loredano's apostacy and identification with the devil, though he does, like the renegade Carmelite, aspire to the abduction and rape of Cecilia.
The rise of neo conservatism was greeted by many liberals as a form of apostacy.
Donne's sonnets are not original in depicting a soul suffering over apostacy or under Calvinist doctrines of salvation (Oliver takes Tyack's view of the doctrinal position of the Church of England); Henry Lok, William Alabaster, William Hunnis, for instance, writhe under similar problems.