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Synonyms for apposition

a grammatical relation between a word and a noun phrase that follows

(biology) growth in the thickness of a cell wall by the deposit of successive layers of material

the act of positioning close together (or side by side)

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30 BROCKLESBY STAKES (CLASS 4) 5F APOSITIVE TRENDS Trainers Bill Turner has had four winners from ten runners (40%, +PS16.
The absence of aline in the test zone indicated anegativeresult, while apositive result was graded in intensity from 1 + to 4 + .
Today's announcement arrives on the heels of the mainframe's apositive worldwide traction, as reported by IBM in its second-quarter earnings results.
Ashok Gupta, Chief Executive (GCC Operations), Bank of Baroda: Apositive budget with special emphasis on the inclusive growth of all lower end segments.
aPositive changes are due to the company's devoted business-streamlining effortsa, Magnit IR director, Oleg Goncharov said.
In each of 10 patients, eight teeth with a residual probing depth of 5 mm following periodontal therapy were randomly assigned to the following interventions: the glycine powder air-polishing (GPAP) group, which was the test group; the sodium bicarbonate air-polishing group (SBAP), which was apositive control group; the hand instrumentation group, also a positive control group; and a no-treatment group that was a negative control group.
I'm playing well, I'm hitting the ball well and I'm playing in quite apositive fashion so I don't have to changemygame enormously to prosper at one-day level.
Mr ling said: "Curiously the recession could prove apositive experience for some.
Apositive diagnostic test should be followed by a repeated test on a different day to confirm the clinical diagnosis.
APOSITIVE future is predicted by the new headteacher at Fartown High School.
Then, from the Perron-Frobenius theory of nonnegativematrices, the matrix B(z) possesses apositive real eigenvalue, [rho](B(z)), called the Perron root of B(z), which is characterized as follows.
Exactly 50 per cent of people voted "Yes, this is apositive and imaginative way of raising money to help City bring in new playes" and 50 per ent said "No, the club is simply taking advantage of its loyal fans".
uk "Becoming a female entrepreneur at 43 is definitely apositive.
To avoid any controversy as to the identity of those essential nutrients that could potentially arise, the Commission proposes establishing apositive list of such vitamins and minerals.