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Aporocactus flagelliformis R Astrophytum ornatum A Echinocactus platyacanthus P Hamatocactus crassihamatus A Mammillaria candida A Mammillaria hahniana A Mammillaria herrerae PE Mammillaria longimamma A Mammillaria microhelia R Mammillaria nana R Mammillaria rettigiana R Mammillaria schiedeana A Mammillaria zeilmanniana R Mammillaria zephyranthoides A Stenocacthus coptogonus R Strombocactus disciformis A
For verandah and wall decoration, succulents like sedum, aporocactus, ceropegia, zygocactus and epiphyllum grown in hanging baskets or wall baskets can look very attractive.
Pseudorhipsalis was included in Disocactus, but Aporocactus, Heliocereus, and Nopalxochia were recognized as independent genera (Kimnach, 1993).
Estudio anatomico del tallo en Aporocactus flagelliformis (L.