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a type of cell death in which the cell uses specialized cellular machinery to kill itself

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We conclude that the high oxygen concentration in maternal blood induces apoptotic changes in fetal NRBCs transferred into maternal blood.
Bcl-2 regulates a caspase-3/caspase-2 apoptotic cascade in cytosolic extracts.
The Rise of New Products: How Mature, Unique and Clinically Validated are the Drug Target Profiles Identified in the Cancer Apoptotic Therapeutic Pipeline?
In the present study, we examined the apoptotic effect of Saxi A in two breast cancer cell lines, MCF-7 and MDA-MB-231, and the significance of ER[alpha] status on Saxi A-induced cytotoxicity.
After an overview of cancer and its theories, classification, causes, epidemiology, diagnosis, pathology, and selected types and symptoms, chapters describe the etiology, signs and symptoms, epidemiology, sex and age distribution, pathology, staging, and individual cancers of the oral cavity; proliferative and apoptotic signaling in oral cancer; apoptotic regulations; the dynamics of the apoptotic marker p53 in oral cancer and how its dysregulation plays a role in cancer growth; the diagnostic and therapeutic potential of p53; the expression, regulation, and therapeutics of the anti-apoptotic protein survivin; and the molecular diagnosis of oral cancer.
10-14) Studies by Croft and Cotton (8) (1973), Hall et al (9) (1994), Nagata and Golstein (7) (1995), Lin et al (10) (1998), Palejwala and Watson (11) (2000), Maiuri et al (14) (2001), Ciccocioppo et al (13) (2002), and Miura et al (12) (2005) have identified the role of extrinsic apoptotic pathway activation in the mucosa of patients with celiac disease.
Apoptosis is classically signalled by two major apoptotic pathways (12) (Figure 2): the extrinsic pathway (also called the death receptor caspase-8 mediated pathway) and the intrinsic pathway (also called mitochondria-initiated caspase-9 pathway).
1998) showed that the glycoprotein CD14 on the surface of human macrophages is important for the recognition and clearance of apoptotic cells.
com)-- Bioo Scientific announced today that it has launched the D-Pop[TM] Kit to facilitate the analysis of DNA from apoptotic bodies.
We determined the cell proliferation rate, apoptotic rate, and p53 protein expression level in the mammary gland to understand the cell turnover rate during the dry period under high temperature conditions.
Natural compounds and their role in apoptotic cell signaling pathways.
However, those cells that have an imbalance in pro-and anti-apoptotic proteins ratio could represent a transforming event rescuing pre-apoptotic GC B cells from apoptotic stimuli and finally could give rise to Hodgkin and Reed-Sternberg cells.
NEW YORK, June 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Cynvec LLC, a privately held biotechnology company focused on developing novel cancer therapies that harness the apoptotic ability of the sindbis viral vector, today announced that Frank Stonebanks, President and Chief Executive Officer, will present at The 2009 New York Venture Summit on Wednesday, June 17, 2009 at 3:00 p.
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