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transient cessation of respiration

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Since most patients are premature they have significant health problems like postoperative aponea, hypothermia, decreased metabolism of drugs and immature center.
e disease means Ben suers from sleep aponea caused by enlarged tonsils and adenoids which can lead to lots of serious side eects.
Sleep Aponea rates are higher in the North East than elsewhere in the >UK
This can be as a result of Central Sleep Aponea (CSA) i.e.
Ginger (Zingiber officinalis) has been shown to reduce blood pressure through endothelium calcium channel blocking effects (75,76); inhibit platelet aggregation (77); reduce atherosclerotic lesion areas by 44%, triglycerides by 27%, cholesterol by 29%, VLDL by 36% and 53%, LDL by 58% and 33%, oxidation of LDL by 45-60% (78,79); inhibit atherosclerosis (80,81); modulate artery wall contraction (82); increase atrial contractile force (83); and reduce blood pressure, bradycardia and aponea (84).