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Las caracteristicas halladas a nivel de la escultura de la concha entre los ejemplares de las localidades de la Laguna de Gran Eneal, Las Peonias, Punta Capitan Chico y Rio Apon, difieren con respecto a las obtenidas en Curarire, San Francisco, Ciudad Ojeda, Bachaquero y Tomoporo, que tienen escultura principalmente lisa para el primer grupo de localidades, y enroscada-espinosa para el segundo.
It is the native PON and stands as a foundation for new PONs, not based on APON [13].
Pleasingly told, scripter Bennie Roeters' slightly quirky narrative outing marks a departure for vet Dutch helmer Annette Apon from her primarily avant-garde and docu past.
When one is trying to reconstruct the sequence as it might have been originally performed, the most obvious solution is to ignore the stage direction completely and have the Romans be driven through a tiring house door, a choice justified by the fact that the direction is taken directly from North's Plutarch: 'So the Coriolans making small accompt of them that laye in campe before the citric, made a salye out apon them, in the which at the first the Coriolans had the better, and drave the Romaines back againe into the trenches of their Campe'.
We are building a diverse workforce to enhance our capability and draw apon a broad range of perspectives and experiences.
Albany] doth depart to loke veel apon It for my swrte and that he may not com to trobyl me after as my specyal trwst Is In your grace for he porposyth to com agan In to Scotland syr I am swr the dwke hath vryten to your grace how he hath orderd ewery thyng now at hys departyng [.
O perfil epidemiologico do grupo estudado ja fora mostrado por outros estudos que apon taram as doencas cardiovasculares, neurologicas, psiquiatricas e ortopedicas como as mais prevalentes nessa faixa etaria (2,4,5,8,15,18-20).
Mekenys Thu man consider wat pu ert And mekenys take on to py hert Prede rydyng apon a iyon My hert to mekenys ye shal never .
El Precambrico esta representado por la Asociacion Sierra Nevada; el Paleozoico por las asociaciones Tostos y Mucuchachi, ademas por las formaciones Sabaneta, Palmarito e intrusiones igneas como la granodiorita de El Carmen; el mesozoico, por las formaciones La Quinta, Rio Negro, Apon, Aguardiente, Capacho, Luna y Colon; mientras que el Cenozoico se encuentra enmarcado por las formaciones Barco, Palmar, Isnotu y Betijoque (Ministerio de Minas e Hidrocarburos, 1970).
Los rios Limon, Palmar, Apon, Santa Ana, Catatumbo, Escalante, Chama, los de la Panamericana, Motatan, Misoa, Machango y Pueblo Viejo, entre otros, constituyen descargas puntuales que contribuyen con el 80% de agua dulce al lago, siendo su caudal un factor importante en el movimiento de la masa de agua del lago, en el sentido contrario a las agujas del reloj (Parra, 1979).
This year they're certain to face a side eager to use retaliation as its main we apon of motivation.
Thus when the cannon blast signals the crack of doom, breaking the rainbow and afflicting the dreamer with spiritual terror ("Wyth spirit affrayde apon my fete I sprent" [242]), the poem declines to clearly explain the cause or meaning of this eschatological event.
In Sir Gowther, the hero's mother, desperate to conceive a child, is impregnated by a demon while she is 'in hur orchard apon a day' (l.
Within 13 minutes David Humphreys had kicked two penalties and converted Neil Best's opening try which came as a result of a series of Edinburgh errors forced apon them by ferocious Ulster tackling.