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As a Spanish national, he could not be drafted, nor did he choose to volunteer (as Apollinaire, an Italian, did).
Lawrence, Whitman, Pound, Apollinaire, and Corbiere.
This collection of 17 essays and a postscript treats many of the giants of 20th-century art history, from Guillaume Apollinaire, Pablo Picasso, and Constantin Brancusi to Andre Breton, Arshile Gorky, and Frank Stella.
The image of mauve gridwork in the poem reminds us of Delaunay, while the bridge that spans the Seine recalls Apollinaire.
If Apollinaire was the poet among painters, then Rivers was the painter among Ivy League poets like John Ashbery and Allen Ginsberg, who were two of his closest friends.
in the current collection is dedicated) and records an early attraction both for his German contemporaries (Brecht in particular) and for the French modernist tradition inaugurated by Apollinaire.
Guillaume apollinaire, 1956, shows a big eggheaded figure spewing brown bile, his knuckles dragging on the ground.
The first Parisian publication of the volume, by Editions Maspero in 1981, won its author the Prix Guillaume Apollinaire, and it was reissued in Quebec with an introduction by Pierre Nepveu (Editions Typo, 1993).
Compiled by Marc Dachy, this spoken-word anthology begins with the ghostly voice of Apollinaire declaiming his poem "Le Pont Mirabeau" in 1912 and ends with Caetano Veloso performing the Brazilian poet de Campos's work in the late '70s.
Two of the poems make apposite reference to France's Charles Baudelaire and the albatross and to Apollinaire.
Auge approvingly calls the televised carnival of mourning "great art," while Debray calls Diana's funeral "a double miracle, an astonishing marriage of ancient and modern, like an outdoor Apollinaire poem.
It is not the poets mentioned who come to the mind of this reader, but rather Ronsard (many of Michel's poems disguise an alexandrine and begin on a simile: "Comme on jette dans la Dordogne claire ga / lets"; "comme derriere la vitre un / enfant regarde") and Apollinaire in their imitation of folk melodies, their fundamental optimism and confidence in the world, even, in the case of Michel and Apollinaire, a cruel world: "Jamais je n'ai voulu qu'un livre cruel, bien a l'egal de la Terre
Over the years she has regularly acted, and now she's in a fresh revival of Anton Chekhov's "Uncle Vanya" at Chelsea's Apollinaire Theatre as well as in her own one-woman show, "Madame Secretary Frances Perkins.
Guillaume Apollinaire, the surrealist poet, became a suspect as he was close to a Belgian con artist who had stolen Roman statues from the Louvre in 1907 -- statues that later ended up with Picasso.
Stroll with Guillaume Apollinaire along the avenues as he witnesses a street acrobat and composes a poem.