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But, neither had mentioned this apocryphal story nor do any of the other biographies that he was familiar with.
Bobby Moore, the Man in Full - Matt Dickinson THE apocryphal story goes that after watching West Ham's stars glide out of the home dressing room before a league match in 1965, Bill Shankly doubled back to inform his players that Geoff Hurst looked ill, Martin Peters was obviously carrying an injury and "that Bobby Moore can hardly walk.
When he hired me again for Star Wars, the apocryphal story was that he discovered me anew.
An apocryphal story is told about a commencement speaker at Yale University who constructed his address around the letters in the institution's name.
There was an apocryphal story regarding 2 fast RAF jets which took off and did not bank, flying straight into the mountains.
I can assure this person and all your readers that this is not an apocryphal story but that it was actually witnessed by me.
When I asked why the longest road in Metro Manila was named after a historian and former National Library director, the apocryphal story given me was that at the time of the renaming, a contemporary Filipino historian was preferred but then all the short-listed ones--Gregorio Zaide, Horacio de la Costa, and Teodoro A.
SIR - In reading the correspondence received from Olwen Moseley, Principal Lecturer at Cardiff Metropolitan University (CMU) (Letters, July 24), I am reminded of the apocryphal story of the meeting between Marilyn Monroe and Albert Einstein.
Your note reminds me of the apocryphal story about the new rabbi of an American Orthodox congregation who asks the shul president what he should talk about for his first Sabbath sermon.
Such thinking brings to mind the famous apocryphal story from the set of Marathon Man in which Laurence Olivier is said to have told a deliberately tired-looking Dustin Hoffman: ''Try acting.
Sir Henry Cotton, chair of Playhouse board, Daily Post, December 6, 1949 THAT James Bridie could inoculate with his freakish whimsy the charming old Apocryphal story, and yet not sour the milk of human kindness, may seem miraculous.
Van Morrison @ St David's Hall, Cardiff (Friday) * ANYONE remember that possibly apocryphal story from a few years back when grumpy music legend Van Morrison supposedly banned fans from boozing at his gigs - in case they disturbed him by going to the bar while he sang?
Crazy Like A Fox HTV, 1985-86 THERE'S a possibly apocryphal story I always tell when this little-remembered '80s detective show comes up in casual conversation - which, as you've probably guessed, means I've only told it about twice in the last 25 years.
Homs, Central Syria (SANA) -- Conscript Omar Oueijan on Monday refuted the apocryphal story of his death by the Syrian security forces telecasted on some TV satellite channels.
Typically, his Egypt was a thing of dancing girls and brothels, leavened only by the apocryphal story of his hitting on the title for his most famous novel, Madame Bovary, in a fit of inspiration that came out of nowhere as he cruised the Nile.