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On evaluating the International Monetary Fund's management of today's highly imbalanced global economy, one cannot help but be reminded of the apocryphal story about the inquest into the sinking of the Titanic.
A very possibly apocryphal story has Claude Debussy, at one point, crying "Long live Rameau, down with Gluck
There's one apocryphal story of a UK firm in the early eighties that sold components at a knock-down price to an eastern bloc company, only to find that its customer had resold the entire order at a profit back into the UK.
According to a perhaps apocryphal story, sometime around 1850, a Vermont fisher was lunching in his boat when he dropped his spoon overboard.
The process: ``There's an old, apocryphal story of Bernard Herrmann, who always used to score Alfred Hitchcock's movies.
Names do matter; there is an apocryphal story that when the word competition was translated into Japanese at the dawn of the 20th century it became 'fighting with each other to succeed'.
While this scenario used to be a type of apocryphal story that circulates in every school, it's a real concern today for school IT directors, says Steven E.
Mary's Day (the Feast of the Presentation of Mary in the Temple, a celebration commemorating the apocryphal story of Mary's mother, Anne, when she presented her newborn daughter in the temple).
I also recalled the possibly apocryphal story of the police reporting a break-in at his office which had been left in a mess, only to find Donald had left it that way.
As the by-now apocryphal story has it, the newsletter didn't make it, but the mailing list he slowly compiled subsequently became a gold mine for those with more money, like Time, to rent for elaborate SOHO publication campaigns.
An apocryphal story at our own institution, which has been making the rounds for a number of years, involves a faculty member who had introduced cooperative learning in her classroom.
Unlike in the Apocryphal story, however, he does not exonerate her.
However, I have heard more than a few ink executives tell the supposedly apocryphal story of how printing officials say that ink makers will quickly back off on possible price increases when they are faced with the thought of losing an account.
According to one perhaps apocryphal story, the operator of the local rest home phoned Brother Brown with a problem.