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corrected for both chromatic and spherical aberration

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Nikons new CFI SR HP Plan Apochromat Lambda S 100XC Sil objective and silicone immersion medium provide high resolution, long working distance imaging capability to support these needs.
Indeed, the objective is something that a 19th-century astronomer would have paid a queen's ransom for: an f/9 apochromat designed and made by Yuri Petrunin of the Telescope Engineering Company.
Quality criterion - Name + 1 db 20 x objektv UV korriglt Plan Apochromat, 20 x / NA = 0,75 / Weighting 5
Both the Ranger and the Pronto have been discontinued, replaced by Tele Vue's TV-76, which offers the same wide-field potential as the Pronto, has larger aperture, and is an apochromat, meaning that it shows essentially no colored fringes around bright objects, even at the highest magnifications.
While not unique, its striking carbon-fiber tube certainly helps set this 80-mm f/7 apochromat apart.
STELLAR APO Stellarvue adds a new affordable 4-inch apochromat to its line of premium-quality refractors.
395 mount) $1,220 Mount Tele Vue Tele-Pod included Optics type apochromat achromat Aperture 60 mm 100 mm Focal length f/ratio 360 mm f/6 640 mm f/6.
An excellent Apochromat objective lens with high NA (0.
One way to reduce the problem of chromatic aberration to negligible levels--and to keep the tube length manageable in larger scopes--is to introduce a third glass element to the objective, producing a triplet, or apochromat.
Advanced apochromat optical system uses ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass, realising a contrast-rich, clearer field of view;
It's the only 90-millimeter apochromat made with a three-element objective, which offers a level of color correction not possible with two-element designs.
TU Plan Apo EPI/BD Plan apochromat objective (bright-field type, bright/dark-field type)