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the last book of the New Testament

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Death and desire: The rhetoric of gender in the Apocalypse of John.
A Study in Early Judaism and in the Christology of the Apocalypse of John.
He argues that "the Apocalypse of John is the story of all Percy's stories.
Ciuba's boldest claim is to cast the Apocalypse of John as the urnarrative of Percy's novels.
Among specific topics are discipleship in the Apocalypse, Palestinian Jewish apocalyptic, charismatic exegesis in early Judaism and early Christianity, and the Apocalypse of John and Graeco-Roman revelatory magic.
Royalty addresses one well-focused question: How did the audience of the Apocalypse of John hear the abundant references to wealth in this work--the wealth of the risen Jesus, that of the heavenly court, that of the great city Babylon/Rome, and that of the New Jerusalem?
Since that time, I have discovered, and read and reread, both Gabriel Rotello's (1997) apocalyptic descriptions of gay male sexual ecology and Catherine Keller's (1996) own recent book on the biblical Apocalypse of John of Patmos.
It is surely extraordinary that an edition of the New Testament Apocrypha should devote more space to the canonical Apocalypse of John 6 1/2 pages) and to the Shepherd of Hermas (II pages) than is given to introducing any of the apocryphal Christian apocalypses themselves.
It also was fresh in its language and conceptuality, virtually all of which was taken from lines and phrases of the New Testament book of Revelation, alias the Apocalypse of John.
I myself have taught a course on "The Apocalypse of John Then and Now" each year since the early 1980s.
More courageously still, he suggests (164-71) that even the Apocalypse of John can be more easily read as part of the early non-chiliastic tradition.